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The Glenlivet Enigma Challenges Enthusiasts To Crack The Code

By Nino Marchetti / June 26, 2019

The Glenlivet Scotch whisky brand, owned by Pernod Ricard, is noted for having a range of well known bottlings in its stable. One of the more mysterious of these has been an ongoing series since 2016 which is released with no tasting notes or cask information, but instead provides clues to help drinkers try and figure out what exactly it is they are consuming. The latest of these has now been released.

The new The Glenlivet Enigma, according to those behind it, is a 48% ABV Scotch single malt whisky presented inside a sleek black bottle. This bottle offers virtually no information as to the character of the spirit inside. Instead, drinkers must go online to solve a challenging crossword puzzle that allows players to “to digitally unlock tasting cues” by “correctly answering three sets of challenging word puzzles. Once all three puzzles have been completed, three tasting cues are revealed.” For those who have not yet purchased the bottle, a discounted shipping code is also offered with an online retailer for purchase.

The Glenlivet Enigma

The Glenlivet Enigma (image via The Glenlivet)

“The Glenlivet mystery series is an opportunity for the franchise to push the boundaries around product innovation, design and storytelling,” said Sona Bajaria, Vice President of Marketing, The Glenlivet, Pernod Ricard USA, in a prepared statement. “By challenging consumers to guess the mystery liquid’s taste, feel and finish – and then put that to the test with an interactive digital crossword puzzle – Enigma offers a vehicle for us to engage with a variety of consumers in a way that’s reimagining Scotch whisky tropes.”

Pricing information for Enigma was not immediately provided by the distillery, and it was also said that the whisky’s “inspiration, flavor cues and distilling and aging processes [will be announced] at the end of 2019.” This single malt follows on the heels of Code in 2018 and Cipher in 2016.


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