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The Balvenie’s New 50 Year Old Whiskies Will Drain Your Piggy Bank

By Nino Marchetti / September 16, 2014

Every so often a Scotch comes along which commands respect, or at least a really high price tag. Such is the case with two recently unveiled 50-year-old bottlings from The Balvenie distillery that were filled “from the same distillation into the same type of cask on the same day in 1963.”


So what exactly is the big deal with two single malt whiskies which price at over $43,000 each? The age, for one thing, and the craft behind them, which allowed them in part to reach the half century mark while retaining a high quality character. As for the specifics of each,

cask number 4567, given that it is a single malt, has a deep reddish hue and a beautifully full taste characterised by dark fruits and spice, expected of the European oak cask in which the whiskies were matured. The Fifty Year Old from Cask number 4570 is different, with a rich golden hue and a remarkable elegant oak and vanilla sweetness.

Owing to the luxury experience of both releases, which were bottled at cask strength and are non-chill filtered, they are presented in slick packaging. Each was filled into  “hand-blown glass bottles and are presented in two very special wooden cases. Handmade by Scottish craftsman Sam Chinnery, the cases consist of forty-nine layers of wood and a closing layer in brass, which echoes the fittings of the distillery’s stills and spirit safes.”

Join me now in saying WOW.