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The Balvenie Morgan Is The Ultimate Whisky Lover's Dream Car

You gotta hand it to the folks behind the popular Scottish distillery The Balvenie when it comes to creative and luxurious ways to market their brand. They recently did a big tie in with maverick chef and world traveler Anthony Bourdain around the idea of what defines “craft,” and now word has surfaced in the United Kingdom of a sweet classic looking ride they’ve had built for them by a British motoring icon company which will be used for promotional activity in the distillery’s homeland.

image via Morgan Motor Company

image via Morgan Motor Company

The Balvenie Morgan is a specially commissioned Morgan 4-Seat Roadster, sporting a 3.7-litre V6 engine and ivory/tan body color combination. What unites the two in a partnership such as this are a number of things, including the handcrafted nature of each’s products, being family owned and the long heritage each has as a company (both are over 100 years of age).

Those intimately familiar with The Balvenie brand here in the US likely know some of these special Morgan cars already exist domestically as a promotional and whisky delivery tool for the distillery’s American operations. This new car marks the first time though it is being carried out in the UK for a similar purpose. You can learn more about what went into this via the video below, but all I want to know is – how do I get a ride in one?



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