Talisker, Mortlach Each Release A Limited, Decades-Old Single Malt

| January 6, 2023

Two rare, ultra-premium whiskies, from two of Scotland’s most iconic distilleries, recently to market in limited amounts … the Mortlach Midnight Malt 30 Year Old and the Talisker 44 Year Old.

Mortlach Midnight Malt 30 Year Old 

This 30 year old Scotch, created at Mortlach Distillery, was distilled in six stills precisely 2.81 times, a special process used exclusively by Mortlach to create what’s described as a smooth single malt with a unique flavor profile.

That distilled liquid was then split to finish in Bordeaux wine, Calvados and Guatemalan rum seasoned casks, then finally blended in custom quarter casks.

Mortlach Midnight

Mortlach Midnight Malt (image via Diageo)

The distiller’s notes describe Mortlach Midnight Malt as their deepest expression that clocks in at 49.1% ABV. Only 350 bottles were made and they carry a price tag of $4,999.99 USD each.

Official tasting notes indicate, on the nose, the Midnight Malt is mellow with subtle baked apple and spiced top notes. Underneath are notes of dark rum, caramelized Demerara sugar and cocoa powder.

The whisky’s palate is dark and full-bodied in character, with a sweet burst of apple cobbler followed by fig jam and a gentle clove spice. It finishes long, sweet and deep-flavored, with a light peppery spiciness.

Talisker 44 Year Old 

The Talisker Distillery, meanwhile, released in limited quantities a rare whisky aged for more than four decades, the Talisker 44 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky they call Forests of the Deep.

A statement from the distiller notes that this is the oldest Talisker release ever, and only 1,997 bottles of this whisky will be released globally, with 102 of those bottles available in the United States.

Talisker 44 Year Old

Talisker 44 Year Old (image via Diageo)

The distiller noted that this whisky was inspired by an expedition led by Parley for the Oceans, the brand’s partner in ocean conservation.

With support from Talisker, Parley set out on an expedition to one of the world’s largest sea kelp forests near the Cape of Good Hope to explore the “The Great African Sea Forest.”

The team of scientists, activists and filmmakers dove to great depths to better understand these habitats which are crucial in sequestering carbon and preserving global ecosystems.

On board the ship were Talisker cask staves, which were later charred using a small amount of sustainably-farmed Scottish sea kelp and stave wood shavings, before finishing the whisky’s maturation journey.

The 44-year-old Talisker whisky was then finished in these marine oak casks before bottling.

The distiller’s notes show that the deep amber colored whisky clocks in at 49.1% ABV and carries a price tag of $4,499.99USD.

On the nose, the Talisker 44 Year Old features a peppery, maritime note with traces of seaweed, salt crystals and warmed oak, over sweeter wafts of lemon zest and toffee.

The palate features an oily-smooth texture and umami-rich taste, as waves of smoky-sweet intensity meet the sea mid-palate.

It finishes long, with traces of candle wax and a sweet chili-pepper warmth.


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