Tailgating Like A Viking The Highland Park Way Includes Your Own Viking Ship

| October 29, 2019

The Highland Park distillery in Scotland and the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League have at least one thing in common – a big love for all things Viking. It is core to the DNA of the branding and marketing for both entities, and now those who love Vikings games, provided they pony up a lot of hard won gold (actually cash), can tailgate Viking style in their own replica Viking ship courtesy of the distillery.

What’s known as the Highland Park Ship & Sip package, according to those behind it, includes what’s described as “a Viking ship made out of the finest cedar wood and luxurious leather finishings for you to own.” While the ship remains yours after you fork over $117,980 (a shout out to Highland Park’s 1798 heritage) to them, what you get in addition as a one time offering in the Vikings parking lot is this unique tailgating experience:

  • Engraved Gjallarhorn for you to blow when your team scores a touchdown
  • Monogramed team drinking Viking horns
  • Whisky Butler: Your own personal butler to lead you through a tailgate scotch tasting for pregame
  • Bartender: To whip up your favorite Highland Park cocktails for you and friends
  • Private photographer to capture the most memorable moments
  • Private security – you know you will have curious onlookers
  • 4k high-def resolution screens for ultimate game-viewing experience
Highland Park Ship & Sip package

Highland Park Ship & Sip package (image via Highland Park)

Definitely a way over the top tailgating experience, and one that’s hard to see dropping that kind of cash for. That being said, if you are that hard core of a Vikings fan, love Highland Park whisky and wouldn’t mind having your own Viking ship parked in your driveway this may be the thing you need.

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