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Springbank 12 Year Cask Strength Looks To Be Another Great Bottling

By Lindsay Brandon / February 23, 2015

springbank-12Springbank Distillery, founded in 1828 by John Mitchell on the site of a previously illicit still used by Archibald Mitchell (and still in the family to this day), was the 14th licensed distillery in the famous Campbeltown and the oldest continually family-owned distillery in Scotland. Situated on the picturesque west coast, the town is historically one of the most important whiskey landmarks of the world. Naturally, the whiskey that flows from Springbank maintains its traditional production values while still innovating and developing its brand. This includes the release of its new 12-year-old cask strength whisky.

I had the pleasure of tapping Ranald Watson, Sales & Marketing Manager for Springbank about the spirit. I asked him to elaborate on the tasting notes, recipe, and aging process. He was beyond helpful in talking about the production of this vibrant whisky.

The Springbank 12 year old is released in batches, he told me, with each batch comprising around 9,000 bottles. Springbank generally releases two batches per calendar year, bottled in January and August, and the only way to tell the difference is “the alcohol strength and, of course, the taste of the whisky itself.” Watson noted the company does not publish a catalog of different batches probably because we lost count a while ago – but there are some hardcore Springbank fans who have been keeping count. We don’t really comment on whether their counting is correct or not as we like a bit of mystery.”

Watson also informed me that despite the relatively small production, they employ 66 people because “we run the distillery using old fashioned techniques, with all of our malting being done on traditional floors, turned by hand rather than machinery.” The 12YO is aged separately then blended for the final product: roughly 70% oloroso sherry cask to 30% bourbon cask.

As for the flavors, the distillery notes the 12YO as follows with regards to tasting notes. American drinkers can hunt down a bottle through here, available at a range of retailers at an average price of around $90.

Nose: raisins, nuts, sultanas and licorice.

Palate: raisins, figs, linseed oil, and a touch of papaya.

Finish: Peaty, with hints of marzipan, wood notes and spices developing though the long finish.

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