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Spencerfield Offers Up New Feathery Blended Scotch Malt

By Nino Marchetti / February 3, 2014

the_feathery_530Spencerfield Spirit Company, the folks behind the cute branding of the Sheep Dip and Pig’s Nose blended Scotch whiskies, are back again with a new debut. Known as The Feathery, this intricate blended malt should be available starting this month.

The Feathery, which has no direct age statement I can find, is said to be the “first expression of an ancient artisanal range” being develops that celebrates “original Scottish craftsmanship.” It is, as one Spencerfield official put it, “like the original golf ball – lovingly handcrafted.”

Tasting notes from those behind it indicate this deep golden brown whisky, entirely matured in sherry wood and then bottled at 40% ABV, to have on the nose dry, nutty, sherry notes, along with sweet, creamy vanilla and hints of ginger. On the palate it is “warm, rich oak…deliciously sweet sherry flavoured sultanas [and] orange segments” with a full mouth feel that offers hints of “raisins and soft fruits.”  The finish is said to be long, offering “spiced orange and chocolate clear and a hint of Butterscotch.”

No price was immediately mentioned.

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