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Scottish Folklore Inspires New High End Whisky Series

By Nino Marchetti / June 24, 2018

Scottish whisky independent bottler Cask 88 is one of those companies known for digging around the warehouses of various Scotch distilleries to find old casks ready for bottling. As old as some of the whiskies are, older still are folklore legends from this part of the world, which is something the bottler is now tying into thematically via a new series.

The Cask 88 Scottish Folklore series, according to those behind it, launches with a bottling noted for being inspired “by the Cù-Sìth, a terrifying large hound, with a murderous bark, said to stalk the Highlands of Scotland.” It specifically is a 45-year-old single malt from 1972 that was distilled by Ben Nevis and aged in a sherry hogshead during its long slumber.

Cask 88 Scottish Folklore Cù-Sìth

Cask 88 Scottish Folklore Cù-Sìth Ben Nevis 45 Year Old (image via Cask 88)

Plans call for this whisky to be the first in six unique single cask expressions that are each tied to a Scottish myth or legend. There was no immediate mention of what those other mythical creatures, or the whisky which would be tied to them, will be.

“The bold spirit of the Ben Nevis, which has matured for four and a half decades in the Scottish Highlands, is matched only by the equally indomitable spirit of the legendary Cù-Sìth,” said Cask 88 European Sales Director Jonny Fowle, in a prepared statement. “Both have drawn upon the region to develop in character and repute throughout the ages, making for a fine match.”

Only 228 bottles of the 43.2% ABV Cù-Sìth are being made available through Cask 88, at a price point of £650, or around $870 USD. You’ll find official tasting notes for it below from the bottler for your consideration.

  • Nose: This whisky’s aroma instantly flaunts its forty five long years of maturation. A nutty character alongside the rich sweetness of rum molasses are followed by luxurious notes of rich dark fruit and cherry.
  • Taste: The indulgent richness of this cask’s dark and dried fruit character continue on the palate, but with the balance of citrus zest. This develops with notes of dark chocolate journeying into a mixture of tobacco leaves, dried herbs and a subtle oakiness.
  • Finish: Four and a half decades maturing in a single cask provide an incredibly long and complex finish, dancing between bitter chocolate, dry tobacco and sweet cherries with cinnamon and winter spice.


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