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Scotch Maker The Dalmore Shows Off New Sherry Cask Whisky Series

By Nino Marchetti / November 20, 2014

Fans of The Dalmore distillery (of which I am one) will be interested to note plans are in motion for a new collection of three single malts that will be appearing in travel retail locations this coming spring. Known as the Fortune Merita Collection, all three are non-age statement expressions.

The Dalmore Fortune Merita Collection will consist of the Regalis, Luceo and Dominium bottlings. The most distinguishing thing separating the three of them, according to the distillery, is that each was matured in different sherry woods to give them unique flavors. The Dalmore Regalis is finished in Amoroso, The Dalmore Luceo in Apostoles, whilst  The Dalmore Dominium in Matusalem. The title of the collection, by the way, means “fortune favors the brave.”


The sherry casks are drawn from an over 100 year old partnership between the distillery and Gonzalez Byass, a fine sherry bodega. The whiskies were crafted by head distiller Richard Paterson, who has been very instrumental in putting The Dalmore into the elite of Scotch makers, at least in terms of what their rarer whiskies price for on the open market.

As for price, The Dalmore Regalis will be available for €75 ($94), The Dalmore Luceo €85 ($106) and The Dalmore Dominium €120 ($150).


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