Royal Salute Adds 51 Year Old Whisky As Second Time Series Release

| December 5, 2021

Royal Salute recently added a new and quite rare Scotch whisky to its Time Series collection, The 51 Year Old.

Not only is it one of the oldest blends Royal Salute has ever made, but it’s one of their most exclusive with only 101 decanters of the new expression coming to market.

The Time Series debuted two years ago with the release of a 52-year-old. The whisky makers say this series focuses on the symbolic power of numbers and that in the world of whisky, any age statement over 50 is powerful enough to garner attention.

The Royal Salute 51 Year Old Time Series

The Royal Salute 51 Year Old Time Series (image via Royal Salute)

And although this expression is a year younger than the debut blend, Royal Salute blenders say avid collectors will notice the 51 Year Old is rarer (as the 52 Year Old was limited to 106 decanters, five more).

Royal Salute’s master blender, Sandy Hyslop, used some of the oldest casks available to him and as Royal Salute is owned by Chivas Brothers, Hyslop had access to stocks from some of Scotland’s finest distilleries.

Strathisla, Longmore and Glen Keith – all notable Speyside distilleries – feature in the 51 Year Old. And collectors will take note of the inclusion of ghost distillery Caperdonich in this expression, of which only a finite amount of stock remains.

Hyslop said in a prepared statement, “The Royal Salute Time Series 51 Year Old is an undeniably special expression that blends exceptional style with high-aged whisky. Crafting a Scotch of that age requires intense care and attention to ensure the cask characteristics are perfectly absorbed without being overpowering, and the moment I tested the final blend will stay with me forever; the masterful role that time has played over a minimum of five decades of slow maturation really blew me away. This release is a one-of-a-kind expression.”

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The Royal Salute 51 Year Old Time Series distiller’s notes:

While the number of distilleries in the blend is not disclosed, the whisky’s floral and fruity flavor profile suggests Speyside forms the backbone. Bottled at a cask strength of 45.4% and non-chill filtered, the 51 Year Old has a freshness that is rarely experienced in a whisky of this age.

The finish is long and highly evolving. As with most whisky of this age, this is one to spend at least an hour. Time in the glass allows a more indulgent sweetness to shine through, akin to creme caramel and honey. A supremely complex liquid.

  • Nose: Sweet-wooded notes with hints of spice. Marmalade and lemon zest balanced with a floral base that suggests a Speyside-dominant blend. More time in the glass gives way to a sweeter profile of toffee fudge and toasted sugar.
  • Palate: Remarkably similar to a St Clements cocktail. Lemon and lime balance in harmony with fresh oranges. The spicy sandalwood notes come through after that initial citrus kick. Only then do those sweeter notes begin to appear.
  • Finish: Long and highly evolving. The initial wood spice begins to fade and evolves into warming cinnamon paired with sweeter notes of toffee fudge.
  • Decanter: Each deep blue crystal decanter has been hand-blown by Dartington Crystal and is individually numbered, making each one unique. The presentation box is built from five layers of oak to represent the five decades it took to create the blend.

Royal Salute The Time Series 51 Year Old 2021 is now available from specialist global retailers for $30,000. For more information, check out

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