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Ready For Scotch Whisky Based Cream Liqueurs? Benriach Has One Ready For You

By Nino Marchetti / March 31, 2015

magnumWhen we think of cream liqueurs here in the Americas, Bailey’s Irish Cream, made with Irish whiskey, often comes to mind. There is a whole range of Scotch-based cream liqueurs however, many of which those of us in this part of the world likely aren’t aware of. This will be changing soon though in part because of aggressive expansion plans in the works for Magnum, a new Scotch malt whiskey cream liqueur produced by the Benriach distillery.

Benriach’s Magnum liqueur is described by those behind it as a rather decadent blend of Benraich Scotch whisky and “premium” Dutch cream. The whisky within this blend, of which a specific age was not given, was matured in American oak casks to produce “a rare, lingering, sophisticated taste, made with water drawn through the rock lying deep below the Speyside distillery.”

This new offering from Benriach is being pushed by a sales consultancy firm that’s backed by a “six figure” investment from the brand’s owners, according to those behind this liqueur. The spirit is being positioned in a global campaign, including in the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Americas and China, as “a non-gender specific product with the potential to bridge the female/male divide between consumption of cream liqueur products and Scotch whisky.”

Now part of what is so slick about Magnum, which is bottled at 17% ABV, is the bottle it comes in. This takes the form of a unique quick-chill, recyclable and reusable stainless steel flask, shaped somewhat like a milk churn, according to one retailer carrying it already. It is best served chilled over ice, and should you want to get a bottle now from overseas, a number of specialist retailers have it in stock at an average price of $24 USD. I’ve also embedded a slick little video ad about Benriach’s liqueur below for your consideration.