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Rare Scotch Whisky From The 1960s Surfaces From Tomatin Warehouses

By Nino Marchetti / April 27, 2018

Wealth Solutions is a specialized firm that caters to the luxury desires of high end clientele. That, of course, means in this day and age rather expensive and rare whisky, such as some super old Glenlivet from 1862 that found its way in drop-sized amounts into top shelf designer watches last year. Now the company is back with a comparatively younger whisky at 50 years old that’s drawn from some of the old stocks left at the Tomatin distillery.

Tomatin 50 Year Old Black, as it is being called, is said to have been the oldest whisky lying around in Tomatin’s aging warehouses. It was pulled from a single cask previously filled with sherry, and owing to the advanced age (it was distilled in 1967) as one of the last 1960s casks stored there, only 88 cask strength bottles were produced.

“We were delighted to work with Wealth Solutions on bringing this special whisky to market,” said Stephen Bremner, sales director at Tomatin, in a prepared statement. “It is the oldest whisky we currently have in our warehouses and one which will certainly be enjoyed by those who manage to acquire a bottle.”

As is typically befitting of whisky of this stature, it is accompanied by some rather unique add ins. First off the decanter style bottle is encased in a special wooden box designed specifically for this bottling. Also included is “a book by Martine Nouet – industry expert and author of numerous acclaimed publications on whisky. The book contains information on the Tomatin Distillery, the whisky contained within and the author’s tasting notes, as well as her suggestions about which foods are best served with this exceptional whisky.”


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