Rare 1946 Macallan At Center Of $2,500 A Ticket Tasting

Rare 1946 Macallan At Center Of $2,500 A Ticket Tasting Dinner

Macallan 1946 dinnerIn what could very well be a Scotch lover’s ultimate wet dream, a liquor shop in New York is planning for a special dinner next month which will offer the chance to taste an extremely rare Macallan whisky. It is definitely an event to attend if you have the money of which, by the way, you’ll need to pony up $2,500 a ticket if you want to get a seat at the tasting table.

The whisky in question at the center of this special dinner is a 1946 Macallan Select Reserve, a rare 52-year-old Scotch worth over $25,000. Said to have been distilled back in 1946 and released in 1998, it heralds from an era of Macallans produced just after World War II that reportedly “are considered some of the best, most nuanced Scotch whiskys ever made.”

12 lucky, and wealthy, individuals will be hosted at the Chelsea Wine Vault in New York City on June 11 by Craig Bridger, brand ambassador for The Macallan, and David Hunter, general manager and wine buyer for the store. Alongside the 1946 will be a much more recent release, the Macallan Rare Cask, which will be paired with a three-course dinner by Robert Bleifer, executive chef of the Food Network.

Should those in attendance have any money left over after the dinner, they will be able to have a crack at buying some other rare Macallans, including The Macallan 25th Anniversary Edition 1957 25 Year Old, The Macallan 1962 25 Year Old, Macallan 1950 30 Year Old and Macallan Gran Reserva 1979 18 Year Old.


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