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Port Charlotte PC12 Looks To Be A Lovely Heavily Peated Little Dram Of Scotch

By Nino Marchetti / February 10, 2015

pc12There was a time in Scotland where a distillery known as Port Charlotte (formerly called Lochindaal) existed on the famous isle of Islay. It was closed way back in 1929, but the warehouses once housing its whisky are now used by the nearby and still very much in operation Bruichladdich distillery to age a heavily peated single malt released under the Port Charlotte name. It is from here that a new release has just been unveiled in the form of a cask strength Scotch that’s been peated to a rather chewy 40 ppm.

Port Charlotte PC12, according to Bruichladdich, is the eighth release in the PC series of cask strength single malts. It is part of the distillery’s mid-range peated line up, striking a balance between the very peaty Octomore offerings and the unpeated, more floral Bruichladdich whiskies. This whisky, by the way, carries the Gaelic name “Oilenach furachail,” said to refer to a “young student carefully observing how the master goes about his work, looking and learning, preparing for the day when the world will sit on his shoulders.” It most likely speaks to the planned transition of distillers at this operation.

This whisky is said to be a travel retail exclusive for the time being, meaning you’ll likely find it in select whisky outlets in major international airports. Preliminary reviews of this 12 year old expression are encouraging, which may make it worth picking up a bottle should you come across one overseas. As for tasting notes, they are below courtesy of Bruichladdich.

Nose: Opens with bursts of smoke, salt and dark fruit then develops raisins, toffee, sweet oak and ripe plum. Hints of cinnamon spice, polish, candied orange and lemon peels. hazelnut and dates.

Palate: Rich and succulent in texture bringing harmony to a spirit of 58.7%. Sherry flavours of date and fig combine with peat smoke to balance honey, lemon and hot toasted oak. Apricot pear and green apple are subtle but the character of our pure spirit cannot be hidden. There have been no shortcuts to get here. Long years in our warehouses on the shores of Loch Indaal have brought out the exceptional qualities of casks sourced from far and wide. Combine this with the influence of fresh salty Islay air and you have a dram of unmistakable character.

Finish: You may think it will never end as the smoke lingers releasing touches of liquorice, date and sweet malt. Close your eyes and you are on Islay. As this dram fades you can reflect on another step of your journey and look forward with confidence as there are many more to come.