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Old Pulteney Navigator Pays Homage To Distillery’s Seafaring Roots

Old-Pulteney-NavigatorAmong distilleries in Scotland the Old Pulteney location in Wick is known as being one of the most northerly on the mainland. Being it is attached to a sea-going community, it is fitting that some of its Scotch be made in honor of those who do their trade and play on the open sea, and the new limited edition Navigator is one fitting of that role.

Pricing for around $50 per bottle and bottled at 46% ABV , Old Pulteney Navigator was matured “in a mix of ex sherry and bourbon casks which have been hand selected by Pulteney Distillery Manager Malcolm Waring.” This whiskey, which lacks an age statement, is said by the distillery to be

honeycomb in appearance and full-bodied with bursts of honey, cocoa and oranges. Its long-lasting, spicy finish delivers notes of the salty and fresh air of the North Sea, located right outside the Old Pulteney distillery.

The packaging for this Scotch includes “an illustration of a compass, an essential tool in the art of navigation, and Old Pulteney’s traditional herring drifter. Aqua blue fills the background, further invoking a connection with the sea.”

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