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Orphan Barrel Debuts Muckety-Muck 26 Year Old

Orphan Barrel recently launched the third and final single grain Scotch in its series, the Muckety-Muck 26 Year Old.

A statement from Diageo’s Orphan Barrel notes that this “rare spirit” hails from Scotland’s Port Dundas Distillery, and this blend pays homage to the 24 and 25 Year Old Muckety-Muck bottles while retaining its own distinct profile as the oldest, most mature whisky in the collection.

The Orphan Barrel Whisky Co. is said by the brand to seek out rare whiskies tucked away or forgotten in the dark corners of distilleries and rickhouses around the world, releasing limited amounts of the treasured liquids for periods at a time.

Orphan Barrel Muckety Muck 26 Year
Orphan Barrel recently launched the third and final single grain Scotch in its series, the Muckety-Muck 26 Year Old. (image via Orphan Barrel)

This 26 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky comes from one of those remaining stocks in Port Dundas.

Set beside a canal, on a hill overlooking the city of Glasgow, Port Dundas was a prominent local landmark established in 1810 and brought two centuries of whisky to the world. And although it closed its doors in 2010, there are rare remaining stocks that provide a glimpse into the past of one of Scotland’s most respected distilleries.

Historically, Port Dundas was also home to a notable pig farm during the distillery’s most successful years. According to Orphan Barrel’s statement, it’s been said the hundreds of farmed pigs fed on spent, leftover malts, and one prized pig named Muckety-Muck won over passersby with his decorated wall of medals in the breeding shed.

The three gentlemanly hogs on the Muckety-Muck 26 Year Old bottle label celebrate the fabled prize pig of Port Dundas and the trilogy of whiskies in his honor.

Six variants of the bottle label are available, with the three pigs boasting a Scottish tartan sash in either red, green, blue, gray, orange or yellow, making the range of label variations a collectible keepsake.

The distiller’s notes explain that Muckety-Muck 26 Year Old starts with a burst of caramel, fudge and baked sugar on the nose, backed by hints of fresh fruit and berries. On the palate, butterscotch vanilla combines with notes of toasted oak and a light fruity taste to carry through the finish.

The limited edition whisky, which clocks in at 46% ABV, is available at select spirits retailers nationwide with a suggested retail price of $299.99 for a 750mL bottle.

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