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Old Parr Aged 18 Years Now A Permanent Addition To Portfolio

Old Parr Blended Scotch Whisky recently announced that its Old Parr Aged 18 Years is a permanent addition to the brand’s portfolio and is headed to the American market.

This blend is aged 18 years and features what’s described as a balance of fruity, sweet, and aged wood notes. It contains rare malts from Cragganmore in its blend which gives it a complex yet smooth flavor of oak. The fruit-like tastes of a Speyside and the smokiness of peat from Islay round out the blend.

The Old Parr oval-shaped bottle is made with a crackled texture meant to resemble ancient tavern bottles. To this day, every bottle of Old Parr is sealed with signatures of its founders, the Greenlees brothers.

Old Parr Aged 18 Years
Old Parr Aged 18 Years (image via Diageo)

“As a brand with a rich history in Latin America that goes back generations, we’re excited to officially bring Old Parr Aged 18 Years to the US,” said Meghan Redler, Old Parr brand manager, in a prepared statement. “With its distinct flavor profile, Old Parr Aged 18 Years will shine within our portfolio as its own unique offering, while maintaining the high-quality standards that have characterized Old Parr for more than a hundred and fifty years.”

Old Parr Aged 18 Years will be available at stores in FL, MA, NJ, NY, TX, and DE with a suggested retail price of $69.99 (750 ml/bottle, 40% ABV).

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