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New Glasgow, Scotland Distillery Brings in its Big Copper Stills

By Nino Marchetti / March 27, 2017

Glasgow, Scotland was once home to many Scotch whisky distilleries. That changed over time, as one of Scotland’s largest cities now hardly registers as a distilling powerhouse. It is in the process, however, of getting a distillery of its own once again via the ongoing build out of The Clydeside Distillery on the banks of the river Clyde. As part of this construction, the distillery recently received two copper stills.

Construction began on The Clydeside Distillery last August. It is a £10.5 million ($13.1 million USD) project that’s converting a historic pump house into a “bespoke whisky distillery” and visitor center. The two copper stills recently installed mark a significant construction moment for this facility – it was no easy task to get the stills, each weighing around two tons, put into place. Now that they are, however, it’s a major step towards its completion date of later this year.

The Clydeside Distillery

image via The Clydeside Distillery

Once fully built out, it is said, Clydeside will host an interactive whisky experience, retail space, and restaurant. It is expected to attract around 65,000 people a year, which is a number owner Morrison Glasgow Distillers should be happy with.

“We’ve had a longstanding vision to build a whisky distillery on the banks of the Clyde and with the stills now in place the project is even closer to fruition,” said Andrew Morrison, Commercial Director, Morrison Glasgow Distillers, in a prepared statement. “Believe it or not, Glasgow was once home to numerous whisky distilleries and we think The Clydeside Distillery will put Glasgow right back on the Scotch whisky map.”

“Few people know the historical significance of the Pump House building which was actually built by my great great grandfather in 1877 to control the entry bridge into the Queens Dock.  It’s fantastic to know we will be bringing it back to life again, with a little help from Scotland’s liquid gold.”