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New Bowmore 1965 Housed In Oak Box Adorned With Former Spirit Safe Metal Brass Plaque

Beam Suntory’s Bowmore Scotch whisky label is no slouch when it comes to high end bottlings, particularly those which slip into global travel retail to target affluent travelers. The latest case in point is a limited edition Bowmore 1965 that’s housed in a oak box with a special piece of whisky heritage attached to it.

The new Bowmore 1965 Precious Metals, according to those behind it, is said celebrate the evolution of the distillery as the 1960s represent the golden age of Bowmore, when some of the brand’s most prolific and admired whiskies were crafted. As part of the realizing of that specialness, each of the just four bottles being made available for this release lives inside a handcrafted oak box that’s adorned with a brass plaque made from the former spirit safe, dating back to 1924.

Each of the four bottles are available for $50,000, with each individual box being a bespoke collectable and artifact that’s accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and numbered to preserve their rarity.

Bowmore 1965 Precious Metals
Bowmore 1965 Precious Metals (image via Beam Suntory)

The bespoke one-off art pieces will be available to travellers at airports in DubaiTaiwanHong Kong and Amsterdam, with the first bottle having just become available at the Taipei Downtown DF store.

Official tasting notes for this whisky reveal that “radiating a shimmering amber hue, Bowmore 1965 has been elevated to legendary status through maturation showcasing the iconic fruit notes and deep flavour that are revered in Bowmore single malts. On the nose, this whisky offers elegant bursts of fragrant fruits, sweet bees wax and intense dark chocolate, developing into burnt heather and a fresh spring flower finish.

“Perfectly balanced with a touch of jasmine, dried fruit and apricots, this single malt is best savoured neat.”

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