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Mortlach Scotch Whisky Teams With Designer On New Bespoke Decanter

Speyside’s Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky recently partnered with renowned designer Luca Nichetto, of Venice, on a bespoke whisky decanter that celebrates the two centuries of heritage of the Mortlach brand.

Mortlach was pioneered by an engineer and a doctor, whose analytical minds and shared passion for design, it is said, informed their distinct approach to whisky-making.

That craftsmanship was the impetus behind SEI, by Luca Nichetto, and it’s the first product from Mortlach By Design, a program that will partner with leading designers on bespoke products that lend to a unique whisky experience.

SEI Decanter by Luca Nichetto
SEI Decanter by Luca Nichetto (image via Diageo)

SEI, which is made from hand-blown Murano glass, is a decanter that’s rooted in its hexagonal base. A statement from the distiller says this geometric shape is directly inspired by Mortlach’s unique distillation process, known as “The Way,” which features six stills that bring together three distinct streams of liquid to create the whisky’s complex taste.

From there, SEI (which means six in Nichetto’s native Italian) blossoms into an organic form, natural much like the spirit itself.

“The Mortlach distillery was led by two outliers; the Cowies didn’t come from distilling backgrounds and used their design prowess and engineering precision to concept a completely unique approach that has never been replicated,” Nichetto said in a prepared statement. “As a creative myself, I am so inspired by others who have made their own way, and feel the SEI decanter reflects this bold, innovative spirit.”

The decanter’s tactility stems from what’s said to be not only from the form, but the treatment of the glass’s exterior. The entire piece has a sanded finish that accentuates the color of the liquid within, a hue that matches the amber tone popular in Murano glass.

Traditionally, decanters were reserved for only the finest of spirits and Nichetto said this vessel holds true and is meant to be poured and adored, celebrating the spirit of Mortlach.

“The world of whisky is steeped in ritual and tradition, but Mortlach, while still a darling of connoisseurs, embodies modern luxury, bold and complex, yet elegant and understated,” said Sophie Kelly, senior VP of whiskies for North America at Diageo. “Luca truly understands the essence of this spirit, and his decanter complements it perfectly.”

SEI will be included in Vessels, an exhibition from SIZED.STUDIO that will showcase more than a hundred vessels from collaborators, designers, arts, and dealers. The show opened on Feb. 16th and runs for two weeks; all proceeds from any sale of the decanter will be donated to ReBuild Foundation, a platform for art, cultural development, and neighborhood transformation.

The Mortlach By Design series will continue over the course of the year, revealing custom designs by celebrated creatives such as Joe Doucet and Sabine Marcelis, among others.

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