Massive Scotch Whisky Collection In Edinburgh To Stay On Display For A Decade

Scotch whisky lovers who travel to Edinburgh, Scotland often find on their itinerary a stop at the Scotch Whisky Experience, a tourist attraction that’s designed to showcase the whisky industry to visitors. A centerpiece of this is the Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection, a very large collection of bottles spirits giant Diageo owns and allows to be on display for the public to be in awe over. If you’ve not had the chance to see it yet, worry not as it was just announced it will be around for all to take in for at least another decade.

The Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection, according to those behind it, has been a focal point of the Scotch Whisky Experience since it first went on display in 2009, attracting more than 1.5 million visitors over the past decade. The 3,384 bottle collection is said to have been gathered over 35 years by Brazilian businessman and whisky aficionado Claive Vidiz. It was acquired by Diageo in 2006 and shipped back to Scotland, with”the intention that it would remain together and be placed on display for public appreciation.” After being visible to the public for a decade, Diageo has agreed to extend the loan of the prized collection for another 10 years, ensuring it will remain in the public light until 2029.

The Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection

The Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection at the Scotch Whisky Experience (image via Scotch Whisky Experience)

“The Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection is uniquely eclectic,” said Christine McCafferty, Diageo’s chief archivist, in a prepared statement, “with brands from across the whole industry and ranging from extremely rare bottlings to everyday drams from years gone by. It really gives visitors a fascinating insight into our whisky history.

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“We’re delighted with the work the Scotch Whisky Experience has done to ensure the collection is cared for and displayed to maximum effect. Scotch whisky tourism is a huge growth opportunity for Scotland and we are pleased that our collection will continue to be one of the jewels in the Scotch whisky tourism crown.”

“We feel truly honoured to be the trusted custodians of such a rich and varied whisky collection,” added Susan Morrison, Chief Executive of the Scotch Whisky Experience. “After 10 years of seeing the collection every day we still have the privilege of seeing the reaction of surprise and delight on the faces of each of our visitors as they enter the collection vault for the first time.”

Besides the usual tourism pass through visits to this collection, one can also rent out the space in the evenings for a private dinner or whisky tasting for up to 10 guests so that you can bask in the glow of all the bottles (including the oldest, a Buchanan’s whisky dating back to 1897) should that be on your whisky bucket list. It should be noted as well this is not the only large private whisky collection on display. Another over 3,000 bottles one we recently highlighted is in a museum in the Netherlands.


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