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Lochlea Distillery Launches Its First Peated Whisky

Scotland’s Lochlea Distillery recently announced its fourth limited seasonal release, Lochlea ‘Ploughing Edition,’ is now out at retail.

This release will wrap up the ‘First Crop’ of annual small-batch bottlings showcasing their whisky throughout the farming seasons.

‘Ploughing Edition’ comes on the heels of the Lochlea ‘Sowing Edition,’ which launched in March of  2022, and the Lochlea ‘Harvest Edition,’ which launched in September of last year, as well as the Lochlea ‘Fallow Edition’ which launched in November.

Lochlea Ploughing Edition
Scotland’s Lochlea Distillery recently announced its fourth limited seasonal release, Lochlea ‘Ploughing Edition,’ is now out at retail. (image via Lochlea)

A statement from the distiller notes that in 2023, the ‘Second Crop’ limited edition series will be released each season, each one different to the first, and highlighting the progression of Lochlea’s single malt whiskies.

This ‘Ploughing Edition’ also represents the connection between Lochlea Farm and Robert Burns, who lived and worked on the farm from 1777-1784.

‘Ploughing Edition’ was inspired by the season of winter on the farm when the same fields that Burns tended are plowed in preparation for sowing the barley seed in spring.

And, the bottle’s blue label reflects the cold and frosty west coast of Ayrshire winters, the distiller explained.

To note, this is the first peated expression from Lochlea, matured in a combination of ex-Islay barrels and peated quarter casks, and the first smoky whisky created by Master Blender John Campbell since leaving Laphroaig.

“Lochlea ‘Ploughing Edition’ is our first peated release and showcases all the expected Lochlea flavors with a wee touch of Islay,” Campbell said. “We have matured our unpeated single malt in ex-Islay peated barrels and this delivers a lightly peated version of Lochlea that I am sure you will enjoy.”

Lochlea ‘Ploughing Edition’ (First Crop) is on allocation to key UK retail and wholesale partners, and across 20 export markets, with 11,000 total bottles globally.

The whisky clocks in at 46% ABV, and retails for £50.

Lochlea ‘Ploughing Edition’ (First Crop) tasting notes:

  • Nose: Baked fruit with a light peat smoke in the background.
  • Palate: Old fashioned boiled sweets, cooked apple and brazil nuts.
  • Finish: Lingering fruit and nuttiness, with a haze of Islay peat smoke.
  • ABV: 46%.
  • Price: £50.

Lochlea Distillery is an independent single malt distillery based on Lochlea Farm in Ayrshire. Under the management of Production Director John Campbell, the family-run farm grows and harvests their own barley, with full traceability from field to bottle.

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