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Loch Lomond Debuts Noble Rebel To ‘Shake Up’ Blended Malts

The Loch Lomond Group recently unveiled three whiskies from its new blended malt brand, Noble Rebel.

A statement from Loch Lomond explains that each new whisky is brought to life by bespoke illustrative artworks on packaging inspired by the experimental flavor of the “masterpieces” within.

The distiller noted it aims to “shake up” blended malts and attract modern whisky connoisseurs to this Scotch category.

Noble Rebel
The Loch Lomond Group recently unveiled three whiskies from its new blended malt brand, Noble Rebel. (image via Loch Lomond)

Loch Lomond’s innovation team, led by Head of Innovation Calum Leslie, tackled the project and, along with Master Blender Michael Henry, the collaboration created Noble Rebel’s three distinct liquid profiles – Orchard Outburst, Smoke Symphony, Hazelnut Harmony. Each is a combination of unexpected notes named to evoke emotion and transport the senses.

The statement from Loch Lomond explained that the illustrations draw on artistic and editorial inspiration to bring about the unexpected notes within each premium blend.

Each Noble Rebel bottle features a vivid orange accent color, meant to convey the brand’s curiosity and imagination. And each illustration is complemented by Noble Rebel’s embellished bottle, designed to replicate the heavy, intricate base of an old-fashioned rocks glass.

All three Noble Rebel expressions are sealed with an emblem containing a droplet to represent the distillation process, a barrel to symbolize the maturation process, and a nosing glass in tribute to Loch Lomond Group’s blending.

Noble Rebel distiller’s notes:

Orchard Outburst 

This blended malt whisky, which is matured in ex-bourbon casks, is an explosion of zest with hits of lemon and lime. Crisp ripe orchard fruits balance surprising flavors of crashing salty ocean waves.

  • Matured in ex-bourbon casks.
  • Non-chill filtered.
  • Natural color.

Smoke Symphony 

This blended malt whisky is finished in Rioja wine casks and weaves threads of peat and smoke with hits of chili. A rich red body marries with subtle berry tartness.

  • Finished in Rioja wine casks.
  • Non-chill filtered.
  • Natural color.

Hazelnut Harmony

In this blended malt whisky, which is finished in toasted American oak casks, scattered nuts mingle with a hint of sweet honeycomb. Subtle pear undertones meet imprints of warm oak.

  • Finished in toasted American oak casks.
  • Non-chill filtered.
  • Natural color.
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