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Last Drop 50 Year Old Scotch Definitely Will Be Awesome To The Last Drop

Blend three old time friends, whom between them have 120 years collectively in the spirits trade, and access to some old whiskies, some of which come from now shuttered distilleries, and you end up with the tiny spirits blending house known as Last Drop Distillers. They very rarely release a new product which is why their recently unveiled 50 Year Old offering is sure to create quite a buzz while at the same time commanding quite a premium for a blended Scotch.

lastdrop-50The Last Drop 50 Year Old, of which only 388 bottles exist, consists of a blend of more than 82 whiskies that, according to the distillers, “went into the original marrying vat, 50 years ago, many from distilleries long ago closed and forgotten. For 12 years the blend matured, and then most was bottled and sold as a fine 12-year old whisky. However, the company forgot just three casks; they lay at the back of the warehouse, unnoticed, evaporating (the “angels’ share”), and developing an unequalled richness of nose and taste. It is from the very last of these barrels that The Last Drop 50 year old comes.”

Each bottle containing this rare spirit is put together by hand and sealed with wax. It is presented in a slick red leather case and includes a 50 ml miniature bottle of the whisky that allows you to have a special nip of this dram before breaking open the larger bottle for that special occasion. Also of note in the case is a drawer containing “a signed and numbered, leather-bound book” that certifies the 50 Year Old as being authentic.

Tasting notes from Last Drop indicate on the nose a strong blast of Spanish oak followed by “rich fruit cake, tangy herbs, and a touch of forest mushrooms.” The taste is of “smooth alcohol imbued with rich malt,” leaving behind a finish that is “powerful [and] glorious.”

As for price, expect to pony up between $4,000 and $5,000 for one of these, making it definitely a collector’s level release.

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