Last Drop 1967 Single Malt Whisky Aims To Wow Your Wallet

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / December 10, 2015

In the realm of independent whisky bottlers and high end bottlings, one of those to beat is The Last Drop Distillers. Billing themselves as “the world’s most exclusive spirits company,” we’ve written about them before and some of the rare, highly priced expressions they bring to market. A new Scotch released recently seems to fall into this description, appearing in the form of a Glen Garioch from 1967.

The Last Drop 1967 Single Malt Whisky, according to the bottler, dates back from the days when Glen Garioch, located in the Highland Scotch producing region, was known for making “big robust and ‘peated’ whiskies for the blending market.” Such is not the case with this particular bottling, though, as it was matured in a “bourbon style remade Hogshead cask” which imparted upon the whisky from slightly different flavor characteristics.

Last Drop 1967 Single Malt

Only 118 bottles of this Scotch are being made available, with each said to be pricing around $7,000 USD. The whisky is housed in a bottle that’s been wax dipped by hand and then stored in a special leather case. Also inside the case is a 50 ml miniature, allowing you to enjoy a wee nip of your investment should you not feel courageous enough to crack the big bottle.

Official tasting notes for The Last Drop 1967 Single Malt Whisky are below and, should you dare to want to hunt down a bottle, here’s a list of retailers who may have one.

This magnificent malt has matured with elegance. Heady notes of cognac-soaked fruitcake, marzipan and icing are balanced with ripe apricot and a hit of peaty smokiness, softening to a delicious vanilla and honey nectar.” 


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