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Laphroaig Cairdeas 2017 Finds Its Way Into Quarter Cask Aging

By Nino Marchetti / August 3, 2017

Scotch whisky fan favorite Laphroaig is known each year for offering up lovers of its brand a new version of Cairdeas, which means “friendship” in Gaelic, as a way to recognize the support of the Friends of Laphroaig community. This year is certainly no exception to that rule, with the distillery debuting a 2017 offering that saw some aging time in smaller quarter casks.

Laphroaig Cairdeas Quarter Cask, according to those behind it, “features different ages of Laphroaig matured for more than five years in first-fill bourbon casks, then laid to rest for a second time in smaller quarter casks. Following six months of maturation, the liquid from 177 of the casks was bottled at cask strength — no color added, no chilling and a simple barrier filtration.”

Plans call for this 2017 release, bottled at 114.4 proof and put together by distillery manager John Campbell, to be made available starting now. It will price for around $80 a bottle, and you’ll find official tasting notes for it at the end of this story.

“A dentist, a farmer and a carpenter captured in a glass,” said Campbell in a prepared statement. “Slainte!”

  • Color: Golden amber
  • Nose: Gentle coffee cream and freshly sliced vanilla pods, building into sweet mint with notes of old hay and a background of beach bonfire then freshly sanded wood
  • Body: Full bodied and complex
  • Palate: A sweet vanilla dryness that develops into a creamy, oily mouth feel with bitter licorice root and a throat full of smoke
  • Finish: Long, creamy and smoky