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Kingsbarns Single Malt Introduces New Scotches To U.S.

Whisky maker Kingsbarns Distillery recently announced two new Scotch single malt expressions that will launch in more than 30 global markets … “Doocot” and “Balcomie.”

Twice in the past three years, Kingsbarns was named “World’s Best Lowlands Single Malt” by the World Whisky Awards for its original flagship single malt “Dream to Dram,” and a statement from the distillery notes that Kingsbarns looks for the new expressions to “take the mantle for the flagship expression.”

Founded in 2014 by the Scottish Wemyss Family, who have a whisky pedigree going back to the 19th century, Kingsbarns Distillery is making waves among the young and upcoming community of distillers in the UK releasing non-age statement, non-chill filtered single malts.

Kingsbarns Doocot
Whisky maker Kingsbarns Distillery recently announced two new Scotch single malt expressions that will launch in more than 30 global markets … “Doocot” and “Balcomie.” (image via Kingsbarns)

The distilling Wemyss family note that they only release bottlings once they’re ready, according to flavor, balance, and complexity. They do so through a long fermentation and slow distillation in copper pot stills. The process is managed by Isabella Wemyss, director of production, who hand-selects all casks and oversees the production of these bottles.

“Dream to Dram” was the distillery’s first award-winning expression, noted for its distinctive light and fruity character. Now that the whisky has had time to further mature, Wemyss explained, the expression will be retired on the coattails of the newest introductions to the core collection.

Now, the Core Collection includes two single malts: the flagship expression Doocot, matured in ex-bourbon and shaved, toasted and re-charred barriques; and Balcomie, an ex-Oloroso cask matured expression.

The distillery got the name for Doocot from the Scottish word for dovecot, paying tribute to one of the interesting architectural features at the Kingsbarns Distillery. Pronounced “doo-ket,” a doocot was a traditional free-standing nesting shelter for doves, which are reflected and embossed on the glass bottle.

The Doocot single malt was distilled from barley sourced less than six miles from the distillery, and matured in 90% ex-bourbon and 10% STR (shaved, toasted and re-charred) ex-Portuguese red wine casks.

The result, the distiller’s notes explain, is a single malt full of sweet, fruity character, with light, intensely fruity, floral flavors complemented by a rich color.

“Doocot has been years in the making. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the distilling process to make sure we’ve crafted the perfect finish,” said William Wemyss, founder and managing director of Kingsbarns Distillery. “We’re so proud of the end result that Doocot now stands as our flagship whisky, taking over the mantle from Dream to Dram. The new addition to our range allows whisky lovers to enjoy the same fruity and indulgent flavors that they’re used to but with an added level of balance and complexity.”

Kingsbarns’ new Balcomie is distilled from Fife-grown barley, which produces a fruity, light, and balanced whisky bottled from 100% ex-Oloroso sherry casks. The whisky matured in American oak casks previously used for maturing Oloroso in the unique solera system.

The distiller’s notes show that these casks were chosen specifically for their gentle oak flavors and rich sweetness to complement the fruity character of the spirit. Sweetly complex and elegant, Balcomie is rich with baking spices, dried fruit, and tropical character.

Kingsbarns’ Doocot and Balcomie will be available at select retailers with a suggested retail price of $59.99 for each 750ml. Both whiskies clock in at 46% ABV.

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