Kilchoman Adds Port Cask Matured Scotch To Its Stable

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / September 9, 2014

Port Cask 2014Kilchoman, for being such a young Scottish distillery, continues to turn out some very fascinating stuff that should be on your radar should you be able to track down a bottle of it. The latest from them is a port cask aged offering that’s a fairly limited edition.

The Port Cask Matured release, pricing around $110 a bottle, is a single cask Scotch that has no specific age statement on the bottle, but which looks to be somewhere in the neighborhood of at least three years old. Only 1,000 cases exist for a whisky that was bottled at 55% ABV after being fully matured in ex-ruby port casks.

Non chill filtered, tasting notes for this Scotch that has a mahogany color with a touch of ruby from the distillery are below.

The nose is powerful with lemon and citrus notes and the palate has smoke right away along with sweet, nutty milk chocolate character. There is a heavy textured finish which drifts away to dry smoke with oakiness.