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Jura Whisky Drops A New 10-Year-Old Scotch Into the U.S.

The Jura whisky distillery has long existed on the remote Scottish isle of Jura, where it was first established in 1810, closed in 1901, and then rebuilt in 1963. It now has a new whisky out, in part to celebrate this long history of making fine Scottish liquor, taking the form of a new 10-year-old geared towards American drinkers.

What’s being called Jura 10, according to the distillery, marries peated and unpeated malt and two barrel types. The Scotch is matured for ten years in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels, before being finished in an ex-Oloroso sherry cask. It is bottled at 40% ABV and prices around $55 per bottle. You’ll find limited official tasting notes below at the end of the story.

Jura 10

“The launch of the new Jura 10 celebrates our heritage of whisky-making,” said Graham Logan, Jura Distillery Manager, in a prepared statement. “The craft of producing great whisky has been at the heart of Jura’s close-knit community for hundreds of years and we look forward to sharing the long-standing traditions and unmistakable flavors of Jura 10’s island home with the world.”

Jura 10 has aromas of fruit, cracked pepper and dark chocolate, followed by nectarines, ginger and freshly ground coffee on the palate with a subtle touch of smoke on the finish.

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