Jura Explores PX Sherry Cask Aging in New Jura Sherry Cask Collection

Pedro Ximénez sherry casks are a style of sherry cask highly sought after by whisky distillers because of how well they age resting spirit while imparting key flavor characteristics. The Jura distillery is one such outfit looking to explore this interaction, unveiling a new Sherry Cask Collection for the travel retail sector.

The new Jura Sherry Cask Collection, according to those behind it, takes four different whiskies combining Highland and Island styles and matures them in your typical American white oak ex-bourbon barrels. From there, the distillery then enhances the flavors of these whiskies by finishing them in hand-selected sherry casks that previously held Pedro Ximénez for 15, 20, 30, and 40 years. Note that the latter age statements refer to the length of time the Pedro Ximénez rested in the barrel, not the length of time the whisky actually aged.

Jura Sherry Cask Collection

More information on each release in this new collection can be had below, including official, limited tasting notes. It should be noted as well that Jura has introduced something of a new look with its first global travel retail-exclusive range of single malt Scotch whiskies.

  • The Sound (42.5%ABV, 1L RSP £45.00 US$60) is finished in 15yo Pedro e Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. The gold-coloured spirit offers aromas of hazelnuts and orange, caramel fudge to taste and black forest fruits to finish.
  • The Road (43.6 ABV, 1L RSP £60.00 US$80) is enhanced with a finish from 20yo Pedro Ximénez sherry casks.
  • The Loch (44.5%ABV, 70cl RSP £70.00 US$94) is finished in casks from a 30yo Pedro Ximénez. With a Its mahogany colour the expressions offers a treacle aroma, baked apple to taste and a finish of cracked pepper.
  • The Paps (45.6% ABV, 70cl RSP £85 US$114) is a 19yo single malt, enhanced in casks from a 40yo Pedro Ximénez. Its colour is deep mahogany gold; aromas of ginger cake and vanilla, spiced pear to taste and roasted walnut to finish.

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