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Jura Embraces Ties To Author George Orwell In New 1984 Scotch

jura-1984Editor’s Note – The Whiskey Wash staff welcomes Will Dwyer to our merry little drinking and writing crew!

Located off the beaten path on the Isle of Jura in Scotland is a distillery that over 50 years saw a rebirth after falling into disrepair. The distillery, also named Jura, has made a name for themselves by embracing an egalitarian approach to whiskey tasting, namely that whiskey is a drink of the people and snobbery should be left at the door.

When they aren’t embracing their intricately crafted whiskys Jura is sure to mention that George Orwell wrote his long standing classic 1984 amidst the isolation of the Scottish isle of the same name. His relation to Jura is so intertwined that in 1984 the distillery celebrated the renowned sci-fi author by laying down in casks what would later equal out to 1,984 bottles worth of single malt whisky. Now, 30 years later, the rich tasting spirit is available for all, whether you are being watched by Big Brother or not.

Jura 1984 Vintage (44%ABV), which was matured in American white oak, Amoroso and Apostoles Oloroso sherry butt casks, is said by the distillery to produce tastes of pineapple, chocolate, and cherries. The bottle also contains notes of ginger, peach syrup, vanilla, honey, and banana cake. When asked about the release, Willie Cochrane, Jura distillery manager, noted in a statement that

“Every good malt whisky has a story to tell and Jura’s tale is particularly unique. We’re delighted to add another exciting chapter with the release of this extraordinary limited edition vintage.”

With a price of £750 (around $1,200 USD) per bottle, Jura 1984 Vintage is by far one of the distillery’s most expensive offering. Still, if this limited release is as robust as the novel that inspired it you can consider it money well spent.

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