Johnnie Walker Drinking Glass Plays Audio In Your Ear As You Imbibe (No, Really, It Does)

walker-glassSpirits giant Diageo’s Johnnie Walker blended Scotch brand loves to tinker with innovative ways to get you to enjoy whisky. Whether it is shoes with in-heel mini Scotch bottles or a “smart” whisky bottle which can talk to your smartphone, those behind this label definitely tend to think outside of the box in this regard. The latest interesting experiment being cooked up by the Walker folks is a glass which lets you hear special audio quietly in your ear as you drink from it.

What’s been dubbed the Johnnie Walker “Boldest Glass,” according to The Grocer, is quite the slick little drinking gadget. The video at the end of this article spells out the thought behind this device, but essentially it brings together bone conduction technology and sensory science to get sound to “amplify flavor.”

Put into more practical terms, the glass contains some hidden technology, including a concealed exciter and an amplifier, which work in tandem to pick up special radio waves being transmitted from a nearby radio transmitter. These signals, through bone conduction, vibrate through the glass into your lower jaw and then directly into your inner ear.

What’s being transmitted to you, as far as we know, is not subliminal messaging saying to drink more Johnnie Walker, but rather special “bespoke audio engineered to enhance the brain’s perception of the bold and fiery flavours of Johnnie & Ginger.” Johnnie & Ginger is a special cocktail made from Johnnie Walker Red Label and ginger beer/ale which is being promoted through this glass, apparently.

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This audio, which is said to be some type of music, comes across one of three possible channels the receiver is able to play back from, thus “offering the potential for drinkers to experience their favourite track and different music as their evening progresses.”

The only catch to all of this? If you want to try out this glass, you need to visit a bar in London, United Kingdom, known as Call Me Mr Lucky. It will be available at this location to try out starting for one month from today.