John Walker & Sons Odyssey Scotch Comes To Explore USA

DIAGEO JOHNNIE WALK ER ODYSSEYIn the world of blended Scotch whisky the ever popular Johnnie Walker brand from Diageo continues to impress both here in the United States and beyond. One of its latest U.S. releases is the expensive John Walker & Sons Odyssey offering, which drops in at a hefty $1,100 for a 750 ml bottle.

The Johnnie Walker Odyssey, already available for a bit in select Asian and other global markets, is said to be crafted from three undisclosed “rare, handpicked single malts” to create the first triple malt Scotch whisky from the House of Walker. It was blended and married in European oak casks and lacks an age statement.

Flavor notes by the blenders behind it suggest it “successfully balances hints of fresh citrus, smooth honey and creamy caramel flavors for a distinctive taste profile.” Like most other whiskey it is best enjoyed either neat or with a dash or water to help unlock some of its more subtle characteristics.

One of the more striking things about this release at first glance is the beautiful bottle it comes housed in. Said to be an “ultra-modern interpretation” of Sir Alexander Walker’s legendary 1932 ‘nautical’ decanter created for Johnnie Walker Swing blend Scotch, the crystal-grade glass container can rotate 360 degrees within its storage box and always rests in an upright position.