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Highland Park’s Odin Whisky Aims To Be The New Top God Of All Scotch

By Nino Marchetti / February 16, 2015

One of the whiskies I’ve most eagerly been awaiting in this early part of 2015 is Odin, a 16 year old Scotch from Highland Park, one of Scotland’s most northern distilleries. It is part of the Valhalla collection, a limited edition run of four bottlings that started a few years back with Thor and Loki, followed last year by Freya. Now it is the king of the Norse gods’ turn, and he is coming to whiskey shops around the world to round out the Valhalla offerings.

Odin, according to Highland Park, is a 55.8% ABV whisky release created to be “worthy of its namesake – the formidable and commanding ruler of Asgard.” It is apparently already being deemed worthy by consumers, as reports have been appearing on social media of bottles of Odin selling out in very short order at retailers across the United Kingdom, which is pretty amazing considering it was just released there today! The distillery has been greatly hyping this whisky up through social media, so this rush is not overly surprising.

Highland Park Odin

The AllFather of Scotch arrives in the form of Highland Park’s Odin. (image via Highland Park)

Highland Park has filled approximately 17,000 bottles for this release of Scotch said by a retailer to be “created from a combination of Spanish oak sherry casks and re-fill hogsheads.” Besides the UK it will be coming to nearly 20 other countries around the world, including the US, in the “coming days, weeks and months.”  It is presented in the blackest of black bottles, much like the distillery’s Dark Origins release, and is nestled in an accompanying black wooden cradle similar to the other Valhalla expressions.

As for pricing and availability, like I said earlier, it will be a scramble to find a bottle, but you can try here for the most current list of retailers who may have it for sale online (this list updates daily, so check back now and again if nothing pops up). It prices around $275 USD (£180) at the distillery, but this will vary depending upon where you can grab one. I’ve put official tasting notes for Odin from Highland Park below for your consideration, as well as a little video introducing it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulpdM3V6NZ0]

Nose: This intense whisky possesses a fierce spice; cinnamon bark and nutmeg rise from Odin’s spirit. Behind the spice, toasted walnuts smoulder with pulsating explosions of smoke. Odin cuts an ominous figure and this whisky is no different.

Palate: A huge, powerful palate draws on the complexity of Odin’s character. Layers of peat uncover thousands of years of wisdom. Dense oak and still smouldering away are the rich charred walnuts.

Finish: Throughout is a subtle sweetness, sharing the knowledge of well-seasoned sherry wines. Plums and soft fruit disappear into the dark as the peaty embers glow into a smoky finale.