Highland Park Freya Shimmers Like Aurora Borealis In Valhalla Collection [VIDEO]

1036One of the highlights of my growing collection of Scotch whisky has been the limited edition Valhalla bottlings from Highland Park. So far Thor and Loki rest in my whiskey cabinet, and now the distillery has announced the third highly anticipated offering known as Freya.

Perhaps the most striking looking of the three releases to date, Freya, as you can see from the right, comes in the well done bottle and Viking looking case that’s made this limited edition collection so appealing to Scotch buyers. Here’s how Highland Park speaks of Freya following on the heels of Thor and Loki:

“Following the lightning strike of the mighty Thor and the smoky complexity of the wicked Loki we always knew it was written in the stars for the Goddess of Love, Freya to follow.

Famed for her beauty, Freya (The Fair One) is the patron and protector of the human race to whom souls travel to be renewed. A truly wise woman, teacher and sensitive adviser, it is believed the reflection from her magical cloak of feathers in the night sky creates the Aurora Borealis.”

Sounds really cool, huh? As for its tasting profile, just released information from the distillery indicates this 15-year-old expression bottled at 51.2 percent ABV to have a golden color. Its aroma is “almond and madagascan vanilla [that] shimmer in the distance like the Aurora Borealis. White chocolate followed by candied cherries makes way for a vibrant wave of mango and melon, riding upon a cloud of cream soda.” The taste offers up “orange peel, butterscotch and rose petals [that] provide the sweetness along with orange blossom and ginger. Lively popping candy, lemongrass and tropical fruits are lightly shrouded in peat smoke.”

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As for the finish, it “gives lingering spice and soft peat smoke intertwined with soft orchard fruits, toasted coconut and a light char, providing a rounded depth.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFWEX0tYwIg&w=640&h=360]

Pricing, depending upon where you buy it, will likely fall somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 to $300 or so. Like the other Valhalla whiskies, expect this to be available in only a couple hundred cases when it starts shipping in February.