Highland Park Carry On Cocktail Kit Is Fun At 33,000 Feet

| September 15, 2015

Highland Park, looking to offer a nifty accessory for lovers of its Scotch, has debuted a special cocktail kit designed to be paired with its entry level 12 year old whisky. This kit, known as the Highland Park Carry On Cocktail Kit, targets those in particular who are flying, in that you get in this offering just the materials to make drinks, but not the brown sprit itself. That instead must be supplied by the roaming bar cart on the plane.

Highland Park Carry On Cocktail Kit

From what I can tell the Highland Park Cocktail Kit, pricing £15 (around $25 USD), was made for them by the folks behind The Carry On Cocktail Kit, which we profiled earlier this year. What you get in the kit, which is for sale through the distillery, is the following:

  • a small tin with all your components
  • recipe card to help you craft a “smoky old-fashioned”
  • combination spoon/muddler
  • cane sugar
  • “small-batch” bitters

You will, like I said above, need to supply the Highland Park whisky to complete your drink. To showcase just how easy this whole experience can be at high altitudes, the distillery put together a fun little video you can see below showcasing two bartenders making cocktails on a tiny plane while in flight.


Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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