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Here’s One Way You Too Can Smell Like Single Malt Whisky (Sort Of)

By Nino Marchetti / April 16, 2015

kilian-singlemaltOne thing I’ve never really understood about the perfume world is the need to create interpretations of food and drink in smell form for you to spray on your body. This is particularly true of whiskey, of which there are already a few such offerings on the market. A new one has joined this niche category now, and from what I can tell it looks to create its own spin on single malt whisky scents.

The new simply named Single Malt by Kilian I would think, at first glance, should make one perhaps smell like peat smoke. That’s not the case with this pricey fragrance ($295 per 1.7 ounces) though. Created for Harrods Boutique in London, it is said to be both an homage to that city “and its most emblematic liquor: whisky.” Furthermore, according to Kilian, “the top notes of the whisky accord instantly evokes all the facets of the intense smell of this Single Malt tasted years ago.”

How this all breaks down into what it actually smells like goes something like this, again according to Kilian:

The heart balances between the golden reflection of wheat absolute and the sweet yet sophisticated character of plum. The woodsy dry down of Single Malt composed of cedarwood essence from texas enriched by the vanilla absolute from Magadascar and tolu balm from Colombia gives to this fragrance an unconventional identity. 

Does this have you desiring a bottle based upon this description? I didn’t think so. For the price I suppose I’d rather just stand in a cloud of Pappy Van Winkle cigar smoke and create my own scent from there.


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