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Gordon & MacPhail Pulls Whisky From A 1950s Cask For Release

By Nino Marchetti / March 21, 2018

Where were you in 1956? Even alive? In a year where Elvis Presley had his first hit, Dwight Eisenhower was re-elected American president and the United Kingdom invaded Egypt because a dispute over the Suez Canal, cask number 20 from the Linkwood distillery in Scotland was filled with new make spirit for John Urquhart, first generation member of the family that owns Gordon & MacPhail, before he retired. What has emerged from that cask is now bottled as a very rare, very expensive offering.

Private Collection from Linkwood Distillery 1956 by Gordon & MacPhail, according to those behind it, has been matured some six decades by members of the the Urquhart family until it was decided recently it was time to bottle it from the first fill sherry hogshead it rested in. Believed to be the final remaining 1950s cask globally, only 53 decanters of old Scotch, bottled at 49.4% ABV, are being released, each pricing at £22,000, or about $30,820 USD.

“Private Collection from Linkwood Distillery 1956 by Gordon & MacPhail encapsulates the company’s dedication to the art of single malt whisky maturation and tireless pursuit of perfection,” said Stephen Rankin, Director of Prestige and fourth generation member of the Urquhart family, in a prepared statement. “This incredible whisky is the culmination of the unrivalled knowledge and skills passed down and strengthened, over the decades, through four generations of my family.”

As with any Scotch whisky at this price point, part of the uniqueness of the release is the decanter itself. This particular bottling sports unique contours etched into the gold base and stopper that are said to be inspired by the landscape surrounding the distillery. All 53 decanters are hand-blown and individually numbered with a certificate of authenticity signed by Rankin, and are accompanied by a commemorative book.


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