The Glover Whisky A True Scottish/Japanese Hybrid Bottling

The Glover Whisky A True Scottish/Japanese Hybrid Bottling

By Nino Marchetti / November 19, 2015

The GroverEast can meet West in some very interesting ways when it comes to whisky. Take, for example, the recently released Bowmore Mizunara Cask Finish, a limited edition Scotch finished in Japanese oak. Now comes word of another undertaking in this across-the-world liquor-sharing adventure, appearing this time in the form of The Glover expressions.

The Glover, named after 19th century Scottish industrialist Thomas Blake Glover after the time he spent in Japan helping to build up that nation, is a blending of Japanese and Scottish whiskies to create two new hybrid bottlings. One, The Glover 22 Year Old, is a very limited release while the other, The Glover 14 Year Old, is available in slightly larger numbers.

For The Glover 22 Year Old, Scottish distillery Adelphi created it by blending just three casks: one refill ex-Sherry hogshead distilled at the Hanyu Distillery in Japan, which closed in 2005; one American oak ex-Sherry hogshead distilled at the Longmorn Distillery in Scotland; and one Spanish oak ex-Sherry butt from Scotland’s Glen Garish Distillery. What resulted are just 390 bottles which each price around £1,100 (about $1,700 USD).

“We wanted the final whisky to present the unique flavours of both casks, but also to be even more than the sum of its parts,” said Adelphi’s managing director Alex Bruce in a statement. “We also added a drop of whisky from Glen Garioch Distillery in homage to Thomas Glover’s home in Aberdeenshire, to complete the flavour profile.”

The other offering, the Glover 14 Year Old, was blended from undisclosed Scottish and Japanese malt whiskies. There are 1,500 bottles of it, each pricing at £100 (around $155 USD).