Glenfiddich The Original Scotch Wants To Be Your Mad Men Whisky

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / November 26, 2014


Are you a fan of the hit television series Mad Men that is currently in its seventh and final season on AMC? Whisky and drinking play a big part in the culture of the show given its setting in the 1960s advertising firm world, and this has translated into helping renew interest in Scotch. One brand looking to capitalize on this is Glenfiddich, which recently unveiled a limited edition recreation of its The Original whisky from 1963.

Known back then as straight malt, according to the New York Times, what’s being marked for 2014 is a single malt that’s has been crafted by Glenfiddich head distiller Brian Kinsman after he nosed and tasted an original 1963 sample. He also followed an original recipe from one of the distillery’s 1960s leather bound ledgers to make the new release.

“Glenfiddich The Original is a true taste of history,” said Kinsman in a statement. “It’s an honour to unveil this exclusive whisky which is light and fruity with hints of sherry spice from the European oak sherry butts that were predominantly used in the 1960s.”

Packaging for The Original is designed to reflect the whisky’s heritage, according to the distillery. The Scotch comes in a so-called “iconic” triangular bottle that is presented in a black box embossed with gold. It also comes with a booklet detailing the whisky’s history.

William Grant and Sons Glenfiddich The Original

Glenfiddich The Original is pricing around $100 for a 750 ml bottle. Tasting notes for this rich golden colored spirit, bottled at 40% ABV, are below via the distillery.

Nose: Fruity and floral with the hallmark Glenfiddich hint of pear. Subtle oak notes and a youthful, biscuity character.

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