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Glenfarclas 30-Year-Old Returns In Some Really Cool Packaging

Glenfarclas 30 Year OldAhh Glenfarclas – are you trying to make me broke? We’ve just made back to back to back announcements of the last three bottles in the limited edition Family Collector Series, the most recent of which was a special 40 year old bottling. Now, getting back to more of their core line up, we see the release of a “new” 30-year-old Scotch that’s all dressed up a slick box while still having  a relatively affordable price, at least for a three decades old whisky, anyhow.

The revamped Glenfarclas 30-Year-Old, according to the distillery, “highlights the beginning of a new era as Glenfarclas now marks 180 years of production since its establishment in 1836.” This particular expression is a key part of this new period, it looks like, as the distillers ditched the characteristic tin used to hold it in the past. Instead, it is being released

[I[n bespoke packaging; a red wooden box designed to recreate the iconic Glenfarclas warehouse doors is presented inside a classic tertiary box. The red doors include a glossy metallic 30 Years Old age statement with Glenfarclas Warehouse stencilling, while the inside of the box reveals a luxurious interior, matching the purple border of our original 30 Years Old label.

The Scotch itself remains, of course, the star of the show. It is pricing at £395, or about $525 USD, and will be available in the United Kingdom starting in September, followed by other markets shortly afterwards. You’ll find official tasting notes for it at the end of this article.

“We are delighted to relaunch this fantastic whisky, now with a modern and innovative presentation but at the same time symbolic of our traditional warehouses and age-old methods inherited from my forefathers,” said George Grant, Glenfarclas Sales Director, in a prepared statement.

The Glenfarclas 30-Year-Old promises full complex aromas with fruit and sherried malty tones on the nose. The flavour reveals sherry, cognac, brandy, fruit, and a beautiful combination of nutty marzipan and icing. A whisky you never want to end and it very nearly doesn’t, the finish is exquisite with a real taste of burnt chocolate at the back of your mouth. Overall this expression offers excellent depth and body, combined with a delightful texture and flavour on the palate, it finds itself among some of our truly rich and indulgent whiskies.

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