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Glendronach’s Newest 12 Year Scotch Finished In Sweet French Wine Barrels

By Nino Marchetti / December 16, 2014

glendronach-12It is increasingly common, it seems like these days, to see Scottish distilleries finishing their aged whisky in different types of wine casks to impart unique flavors into the final product you enjoy in bottle. One of the latest in this regard comes from Glendronach in the form of a new Sauternes cask finished expression that’s a dozen years old.

The new Glendronach 12 Years Old Sauternes Wood Finish is said to replace in this distillery’s stable a 14 year old offering finished in the same wood type that’s being retired. The newer release was initially matured in European oak and then finished in a small batch of Sauternes wine casks, according to the distillery.

Sauternes, for those unfamiliar with it, is described as a sweet dessert wine made in the French region of Bordeaux. The whisky it influences in the Glendronach release is a summer gold color that was bottled at 46% ABV. It is non-chill filtered and should be available at certain retailers now. Tasting notes for it are below courtesy of the distillery.

Nose: Torrents of fresh fruits, apricots and nectarine flow to honeydew melon and distant hints of overripe banana. A gentle aromatic floral note balances with creamy vanilla to give a sophisticated back note to the nose.

Palate: Wildflower honey floods over sweet sultanas and green apples. A dusting of ground almonds, vanilla and creamy toasted oak combines with a vibrant citrus twist, giving a rich, spicy depth and contrasting fresh balance.

Finish: Sweet, fresh and fragrant with balanced acidity. Lots of finesse and elegance, whilst still maintaining the lively youthful elements.


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