Glencairn Launches A New Pipette As A Companion For its Iconic Glass

Scottish crystal company, Glencairn Crystal Studio, recently announced it is launching a new Glencairn Pipette for whisky-lovers to add a splash of water to their dram.

The company was made famous for what’s described as the world’s favorite whisky glass —  Glencairn Glass. More than 3.5 million of these glasses are sold around the world each year.

The family-run team at Glencairn believes that adding water to whisky can enhance the flavours and aromas found in your favourite dram. Many whisky lovers believe that adding water can ‘open up’ the aromas and flavours, dramatically altering and enhancing the taste – interestingly scientists in Sweden supported this with a study in 2017.

Glencairn Pipette

Glencairn Pipette (image via Glencairn)

After the glasses’ success, the company said demand for a Glencairn Pipette increased and they got to work to carefully craft a pipette to complement it.

The Glencairn Pipette is handblown and designed to hold 1ml of water. It is weighted at the top with a miniature Glencairn Glass.

“Our business is built on family values and we pride ourselves on our strong relationship with the Glencairn Glass community of followers,” Scott Davidson, Glencairn Crystal’s New Product Development Director, said in a prepared statement. “We are always open to feedback and new ideas and after listening to our customers, we are delighted to introduce the new Glencairn Pipette as the perfect partner to the Glencairn Glass. For those who love a splash of water with their whisky, our pipette will enable the drinker to add a little drop at a time and will prevent the risk of drowning their favourite dram with too much!”

The Glencairn Pipette costs £6 and is also available to buy in a set with a Glencairn Glass (£11) or in a set with both a Glencairn Glass and Glencairn Jug (£22) via the Glencairn Crystal online shop.

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