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The GlenAllachie Distillery Debuts New Single Cask Range Under New Owners

The GlenAllachie Distillery in Scotland, as we first detailed last year, was founded in 1967 and at one point had seen life under Chivas/Pernod Ricard for blending whisky. It most recently was picked up by a new ownership team that includes Billy Walker, the driving force behind the revitalization of the BenRiach distillery and its siblings before that was sold to Brown-Forman. With this acquisition came a significant number of casks, 40,000 or so to be exact, and from these Walker and company have now chosen the distillery’s first single cask offerings to release.

Six casks have been chosen for this initial series of bottlings, tied to the distillery’s 50th anniversary. They are being released ahead of the launch of the full Scotch whisky range from GlenAllachie in June, and it is said this marks the first time the distillery has had its own cohesive identity as a brand. The range of single casks offerings includes:

  • 1978: Cask #10296 – Sherry Butt (55.9% ABV) 120 bottles
  • 1989: Cask #986 – Sherry Butt (57.7% ABV) 152 bottles
  • 1989: Cask #2587 – Hogshead (45.4% ABV) 80 bottles
  • 1990: Cask #2515 – Sherry Butt (44.9% ABV) 156 bottles
  • 1990: Cask #2517 – Sherry Butt (54.6% ABV) 144 bottles
  • 1991: Cask #100285 – Hogshead (55% ABV) 68 bottles

“The past few months since we bought the distillery and its stock have been so exciting for the whole team,” said Walker in a prepared statement. “I’ve been able to try samples from some really remarkable casks of Scotch and to study how the spirit has evolved over time. I’ve been involved in distilling whiskies for much of my forty-year career in the industry, but I’ve seldom come across such a high-quality collection of casks.”

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