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Glen Scotia Distillery Presents A 21-Year-Old Single Malt

Campbeltown single malt distillery, Glen Scotia, recently unveiled a 21-year-old whisky to bridge the gap between their 18 and 25 year olds.

A statement from Glen Scotia notes that this run of single malt is limited to 2,500 bottles released globally each year, starting now.

The distillery on Scotland’s west coast ages its single malt in a combination of refill bourbon barrels and refill American oak hogsheads, before a six-month finish in first-fill Oloroso sherry casks.

Glen Scotia 21 Year Old
Campbeltown single malt distillery, Glen Scotia, recently unveiled a 21-year-old whisky to bridge the gap between their 18 and 25 year olds. (image via Glen Scotia)

The distiller noted that the Oloroso sherry finish adds perfumed floral notes, creating a delicate whiskey while preserving the distillery’s signature fruity character with hints of Atlantic sea spray and maritime nuances.

Glen Scotia’s 21-year-old is matured to that age to bridge the gap between Glen Scotia’s 18-year-old and its 25-year-old, the latter taking home top honors at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2021.

The new expression features a bottle with hues of purple and gold and a metal coin of the Glen Scotia entwined ‘GS’ logo set into it.

Glen Scotia’s master distiller and distillery manager, Iain McAlister, said the new 21-year-old is a single malt whisky of exceptional character, and the ideal dram to celebrate the prevailing spirit of Campbeltown.

“Being recognized as ‘Best in Show’ for the Glen Scotia 25-year-old was a hugely important moment in our history and an indication of how we have looked to bring the distillery into the modern age while not losing the authenticity of a great Campbeltown malt,” he said.

“We knew then that we wanted to create another special release for our fans around the world, and the 21-year-old is a middle sibling to the much-loved 18-year-old and the world’s best whisky.”

McAlister described the Glen Scotia 21-year-old as a whiskey with “wonderful interplay with the Oloroso sherry finishing cask,” but with a shorter finishing time (six months) than the 18-year-old. “That enables the underlying signature distillery character you get from the 25-year-old to really shine through proudly.”

The Glen Scotia 21-Year-Old distiller’s notes:

  • Non-chilled filtered and natural in color.
  • Bottled at 46% ABV.
  • On the nose, perfumed oloroso, spiced red apple, peppercorns with a soft signature Campbeltown aroma.
  • The palate is baked red apples, raisins, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, and spice with creamy vanilla, toffee, and sea spray.
  • The finish is long, complex, and balanced, with a lingering touch of sea salt and sherry dryness.
  • Available from the Glen Scotia online store ( and globally through retailers, for £265 RRP.

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