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Glen Scotia Distillery Adds 25-Year-Old Scotch To Its Portfolio

Scotland’s Glen Scotia distillery, founded in 1832, is one of only three distilleries still left standing in the once thriving whisky making town of Campbeltown. How it survived so long compared to others is something of a mystery given there was once over 20 distilleries in that region alone. Whatever the case, they now have a new higher end bottling coming to market in the form of a 25-year-old.

The Glen Scotia 25-Year-Old, according to those behind it, was first aged in American oak casks before being finished in first fill bourbon casks for an additional year. This looks to be an addition to the distillery’s core range as opposed to being more of a limited edition offering. It was bottled at 48.8% ABV and comes in a oak case.

Glen Scotia 25-Year-Old

“I created the 25 year old with the history of Campbeltown in mind,” said Michael Henry, Master Blender for the Loch Lomond Group, in a prepared statement. “For many years, trade has come through this port town bringing fruits and spices from all over the world on its salty sea breezes. I wanted the liquid to reflect this.”

Plans call for this 25-year-old to price around £250, or a little over $320 USD. Official tasting notes for it can be found below for your consideration from Glen Scotia.

  • Nose: hints of vanilla oak, interwoven with subtle notes of sea spray and spicy aromatic fruits
  • Palate: tangy orange and juicy red apples mixed with a caramel sweetness
  • Finish: sea salt with a spicy note of ground ginger

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