Four Very Special Whiskies Priced Near $10,000 Each For Sale In Chicago

55+ year old Scotch whisky is a rare thing, no doubt, and should you come across a bottle of it, expect to pay top $$$ for it. In this realm of rare bottlings we covered last year the debut from independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail of four whisky old timers which were drawn from Speyside distilleries. I honestly didn’t expect them to show up on American shores, but they have apparently, and now these whiskies are domestically for sale through Binny’s, a very popular liquor specialist out of Chicago.


The four whiskies being offered through Binny’s are

  • A 61 Year Old Linkwood, the oldest ever released, from cask No.279 of Linkwood in the company warehouses (only 55 bottles released)
  • A 60+ Year Old Glenlivet initially matured in first fill Hogshead before being transferred to another first fill Hogshead in January 1969 (only 69 bottles released)
  • A 63 Year Old Mortlach from the company’s last cask of 1951 Mortlach (only 61 bottles released)
  • A 57 Year Old Strathisla, the oldest ever released (only 61 bottles released)

Each is priced, are you ready for this, around $10,000. Not surprising at all, given the extreme rarity and age of this collection of Scotch. When we first reported on it back in October, we noted at the time that the four releases from Gordon & MacPhail’s Private Collection Ultra label were not just unique for their time in barrel, but that they were also essentially pieces of art. According to those behind them, each whisky is presented

in beautifully-designed decanters, individually numbered, with the whisky details engraved and in-filled with silver colour. A silver-plated neck collar and stopper adorns each decanter.

Wood, metal and glass are combined in a striking and innovative way to protect and display the whisky; the decanter nestles in a glass-bottomed pack, revealing a hint of the whisky colour.

A series of four books by whisky writer Jonny McCormick, one for each of the whiskies, tells the story of Gordon & MacPhail and the whisky and regales the reader with tales of origins and ancestry, of people, place and belonging.

I’ve embedded below a brochure I came across from one Classic Imports out of Massachusetts for your consideration. It tells more detail about each of these releases.

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