Four New 20+ Year Old Scotch Single Grain Whiskies Debut

Four New 20+ Year Old Scotch Single Grain Whiskies Debut

By Nino Marchetti / September 2, 2015

Single grain whisky distilleries in Scotland often find their sprits making their way into blended whisky and not standalone bottlings. One avenue though for those seeking to try single grain Scotch is through the myriad of independent bottlers who source from these outfits single cask offerings, some of which are several decades in age range. Douglas Laing & Co recently did this, and has just released the first single grain expressions in its previously single malt Scotch only Old Particular range.

Douglas Laing said these Scotch single grain bottlings include Cameronbridge 25 Year Old, Girvan 25 Year Old, North British 21 Year Old and Strathclyde 27 Year Old. They were bottled from 50.9% to 61.3% ABV, are all natural colored and not chill filtered.

Old Particular Grain Whisky


As for pricing and availability, these whiskies should be hitting retail later this month. Expect to pay around £77 ($117 USD) for the North British, £82 ($125 USD) for the Girvan, £84 ($128 USD) for Cameronbridge and £87 ($133 USD) for Strathclyde.

“Douglas Laing & Co certainly believe the time is now right to give this long under-rated sector far greater kudos,” said Fred Laing, Douglas Laing’s Managing Director, in a statement. “So within our Old Particular Single Cask flagship brand, we will now release selected antique stocks of different Grain Scotch Whiskies in a lively new livery which both differentiates it from the Malts and also retains the character and specialised gravitas of the brand.”


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