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Five Iconic Scenes of Whiskey on Film

If you needed any further proof that whiskey is part of our global consciousness, look no further than the big screen. From early talkies to recent blockbusters, there’s simply no question: the camera loves whiskey. Here are five of our favorite scenes of whiskey on film:

Lost in Translation

It’s hard to know who’s the star in the unforgettable “Suntory Time” scene in Lost in Translation: Bill Murray, or Suntory whisky.

Anna Christie

Anybody who thinks whiskey is a man’s game hasn’t heard Swedish actress Greta Garbo order a drink. Her iconic opening line from her very first “talkie,” 1930’s Anna Christie, is a piece of barfly history.


The most recent installment of the James Bond franchise, Skyfall is a treat for the whisky lover, if only for its sweeping, atmospheric images of the Scottish Highlands. There’s also a nail-biter of a scene featuring a bottle of 50-year-old Macallan.


Let’s be real: we’ve all had days at work where we felt like pulling a Will Farrell.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Here’s another entry in the British-guy-loath-to-waste-old-Scotch column. Be warned: This clip from Kingsman: The Secret Service is so violent you’ll probably need a drink afterwards.