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Douglas Laing Celebrates 70 Years With Special Whisky Bottlings

By Nino Marchetti / April 8, 2018

Scotch independent bottler Douglas Laing, celebrating 70 years doing what it does best, is considered one of the better Scotch whisky independent bottlers out there. The company was established back in 1948 by one Fred Douglas Laing and now, in recognition of this, it has debuted a new line up called XOP Platinum.

XOP Platinum, according to those behind it, is a limited edition series variant of the already limited edition Xtra Old Particular Range expressions. It is said four whiskies have been specially selected for the series by Fred Jr., with his daughter Cara Laing for release through 2018. The first bottling will be a 25 Years Ardbeg Single Cask Single Malt at natural cask strength, without coloring or chill-filtration. The specialist packaging has been chosen to reflect both the rarity and age of the spirit, whilst each and every label is hand signed and individually numbered by the Laings.

“2018 is a big year for us all at Douglas Laing,” said Cara Laing in a prepared statement. “We’ll have fun celebrating it – something my grandfather would heartily have approved of – but it’s also a huge milestone highlighting our 7 decades at the forefront of the Whisky industry. These bottlings are a perfect representation of Douglas Laing’s commitment to specialist, artisan Scotch Whiskies and we are releasing them at the point where we believe they are at their peak. The Ardbeg is an outstanding example of what is to come.”

Plans call for the XOP Platinum Ardbeg 25 Years Old, bottled at 50.5% ABV, to be available starting this month for £900, or around $1,300 USD. It looks as if there will be 251 bottles for this release.